Engage Visitors with your Content. Be Mobile and Desktop Friendly.

Bring your outdated Website into the 21st Century.

Finding you is only half the battle

By making your Website look professional, visitors are more likely to stick around.

Responsive Layout

There are plenty of Sites out there that look good on Desktop. Here at Abbots we specialise in providing a great Mobile Experience too.

Increase Traffic

Google’s Search Engine now penalises Websites that are not Mobile Friendly. Be appealing and gain a well deserved boost to your Ranking.

Team Effort

Working together to ensure a swift turnaround, here you will find caring and quality at the most competitive rates for your investment.

The Screen Real Estate Challenge

There was a time when designing for the Web was relatively straightforward. There would be one fixed layout for the Desktop, and if users were lucky, they might be redirected to a completely different page for a mobile. Nowadays this simply isn’t practical. With a fluid design methodology we are able to accomodate the vast array of screen sizes and display resolutions out there, essentially providing a single variable solution for Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles at the same time.

Fully Responsive Layout that will adapt itself to every screen size.

Whether you desire a new Website that will automatically tailor itself across the spectrum of devices out there, or indeed you require the reworking of an outdated existing site, be assured, this is exactly what we do best.

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Explore the Options

Abbots provides more than just a Service. It’s a way of thinking.

Using Wordpress to manage your on-line presence puts you in the driving seat.

If you want us to go one step further for you with your Website, we can make the content editable for whenever you feel the need to change something. The power of WordPress puts you firmly in control behind the scenes, and with a wealth of great Plugins available, the extensibility and dynamic nature of your content will allow you to share with the world without having to wait around several days each time while developer changes are implemented. You may even choose to manage your own blog, encouraging visitors to return regularly to read what you have to say and interact.

Harness proven marketing strategies for generating instant leads and conversions.

From lead capture and thank you pages through to upsale and secure payment integration (to name a few), we can create all of the individual landing pages required for your chosen funnel. If you want to grow your email list and gain sales fast, this can be a really effective way of going about it.

Brand web pages, your social presence, and marketing materials, thus making your company stand out and be instantly recogniseable to customers both on-line and off.

At your disposal

From the simple to the outlandish, our in house logo creator visionary, Liz uses a wide range of techniques and is certain to give you exactly what your company is looking for.

Peace of mind

Although we may like to show off your shiny new logo on our website, we ultimately pass on the rights to you. Once we're done it is your property to do with as you please.

One of the most powerful weapon is your email list.

With enticing downloadable giveaways and autoresponder set-up through Mailchimp, we can provide you with techniques that will help you to grow a personal relationship with your clients in order that they will follow you and not just the products that you are trying to sell them.

Downloadable Giveaways

With access to a library full of relevant materials, we are able to provide just what your clients desire in exchange for their email address.

Autoresponder Integration

Add email automation into the equation and you're all set to put your feet up. (Well. not quite but you get the idea!)

Google Adwords

In addition to optimising your web pages with great Content for the Search Engines, we are also experienced in running efficient Pay per Click campaigns. By continuous refinements to keyword selections and bidding strategies for your budget we are able to offer highly relevant and targeted ads, significantly boosting the chances of a conversion.

Google Analytics

We can find out exactly what visitors are typing in to Google’s search engine in order to find your website. In doing so we can determine which keywords are working best for your Adwords Campaign and which ones you should consider throwing out. We can thus optimise your setup for you in order to provide better value for your budget.

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from £499

Responsive Rebuild

  • From existing Website
  • Made Mobile Friendly
  • Same Content
  • Hosting Available
  • Site Backed Up
  • (50% upfront)
  • (Balance upon Sign-off)


from £599

Responsive Redesign

  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Choose .co.uk name
  • 1 year free Hosting
  • 5 email addresses
  • Site Backed up
  • (50% upfront)
  • (Balance upon Sign-off)


from £699

Responsive Wordpress

  • Rebuild or Redesign
  • Wordpress Managed
  • Choice of Plugins
  • Editable Content
  • Regular Site Backups
  • (50% upfront)
  • (Balance upon Sign-off)


Looking for more? — Tell us what you need! There is a very strong chance we can provide it. This is exactly why our customers continue to return to us. As your business requirements change, so will your on-line presentation need to evolve. There are plenty of options available with us, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us

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Many, many thanks to Abbots Web Design for their tremendous stunning work putting this all together. Very talented! The website is live… please share, I’m available for all weddings & events in the UK and abroad.

Kirstin OliverFounder of C'est Chic

Loving the new Website. I’ve even been given a proper email address to go with it! I will definitely be recommending Abbots to friends and colleagues. You should too. Please check out my new website! Lol

Clare StarlingTruly Indulgent Cupcakes

Awesome work Paul. I love it. And must mention, massive thank you that you keep on making those updates for me when I need them. I have no clue when it comes to computers and you always get it done so quickly for me.

Ivan LeeClairvoyant and Psychic Consultant

A Competitive Edge

Don’t get left behind by your competitors. Don’t let your customers go elsewhere.

Eliminate the Frustration

No more zooming in to read tiny text. No more panning left and right because the screen isn’t wide enough. With a Responsive Design Layout, all these problems cease to be, creating a pleasant user experience and maximising clients.

Build it and they will come

With great on-line content comes great responsibility. That means us sharing your message via only the best communication.

Don't let them get away

It takes about 5 seconds for a visitor to decide if they want to pursue looking at your site. Let’s give them a smooth ride.

Reaping the rewards

If you’re engaging with your visitors, there’s a much stronger chance they will choose to initiate contact and become customers.

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